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At ninety-three, Dr. Clarence Benjamin Jones, Chairman of the Spill The Honey Foundation, is a beacon of unwavering commitment to justice, equality, and human rights. His extensive relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as personal counsel, advisor, draft speechwriter, and close confidant highlights the indelible impact Jones had on the Civil Rights Movement. His legacy is multifaceted: a scholar in residence at the Martin Luther King Jr. Institute at Stanford University, an esteemed author, and a pivotal figure in the drafting of King’s iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.Beyond his civil rights work, Jones changed the world of investment banking, becoming the first African-American to be named an allied member of the New York Stock Exchange. He played crucial roles in many other initiatives, always advocating for social justice. His voice reverberates through the decades, influencing key events in American history, continually advocating for unity and justice for African Americans and Jews and all races and communities. Dr. Jones's life journey took him from childhood in a foster home to groundbreaking achievements in law, civil rights advocacy, academia, and finance is a testament to his unwavering dedication to justice and equality. His efforts, especially in addressing and countering racism and antisemitism, have paved the way for countless others to continue the fight for a just and equitable world.


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We will be producing a commemorative booklet for the upcoming Spill The Honey event. This is your golden opportunity to elevate your visibility within the community while standing united with Spill The Honey Foundation, showcasing your dedication to combatting racism and antisemitism and advancing the shared legacy of the African- American and Jewish Civil Rights Alliance.

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