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Spill the Honey’s vision is to use the transformative power of the arts to change hearts and minds and seeks to move people to act for social change. It amplifies the voices of the historic African American-Jewish civil rights coalition in order to reinforce shared legacies that can still foster empathy, nurture compassion, and build partnerships transcending divisions of race, class, gender, and ethnicity. Spill the Honey recognizes and honors the Jewish-American community’s legacy of fighting anti-Semitism and surviving the Holocaust and the African-American community’s legacy enduring slavery and fighting for freedom. The historic connections between these two communities can serve as a foundation for teaching tolerance of cultural differences, focusing public attention on present-day injustice, and encouraging young people to become global citizens.

Our Vision







To promote continued dialogue, cooperation, and coalition building among diverse people and communities to achieve social justice, beginning with African Americans and Jews.

To highlight the alliance between African Americans and Jews that helped America dismantle Jim Crow segregation, though institutional racism still must be vanquished.

To educate the next generation about the history, relevance, and transformative power of uniting diverse communities that share common values of justice, truth, and equality.

To elucidate the reality that persecution is not a monopoly of any one people or culture; rather, it is a shared human experience that can only be ended and transcended when people unite across boundaries

Our Goals

Spill the Honey has developed and produced Shared Legacies: The African-American Jewish Civil Rights Alliance, a feature length documentary film that focuses on a proud chapter in modern American history when two communities of different backgrounds collaborated to transform the moral conscience of the nation. The powerful lessons of this crucial history must be remembered. For too many people today, the history of African Americans and Jews coming together has never been shared nor heard. We believe that that this relationship is, and can be, an inspiration that allows for people now to transcend their differences and cooperate so that future generations can participate in a vibrant pluralism. To date, Spill the Honey has captured more than 150 hours of film interviews with living witnesses to history in a 95 minute documentary

Our Initiaives
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