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Honoring the Historic Black-Jewish Alliance through the arts and education to unite, rebuild and inspire empathy and action

Spill the Honey was inspired by the story of Eliezer Ayalon, a Holocaust survivor, who is a model of recovering from trauma to become a messenger of hope. The non-profit takes its name from his story–he was gifted a cup of honey from his mother the final day she would see him before being sent by the Nazis to five concentration camps. He came to understand the power of using his voice and telling his story to inspire others to not remain silent in the face of hate and dehumanization, while healing himself in the process. Throughout his life Dr. King, used his voice and strength to fight for human rights and equality. He spoke of the history of slavery and oppression in this country in order to awaken and mobilize America’s consciousness. The Black and Jewish leaders of the Civil Rights movement, including our own Dr. Clarence B. Jones, taught us the power of sharing our stories, using our collective voices and reminds us of the power of our alliances in bringing about that change. The honey symbolizes hope and survival.

The Mission of Spill The Honey Foundation

Through education and the transformative power of the arts, Spill the Honey Foundation amplifies the historic and contemporary voices of the Black-Jewish alliance to foster empathy for action and to unite communities in our mission for social change. Through unprecedented access to Dr. Clarence Jones, and other historical archival materials, Spill The Honey Foundation provides a forum to celebrate and educate on the historic Black-Jewish Alliance of the Civil Rights Movement, to create space for an open dialogue, and to enact a call to action to build a multigenerational cultural offensive against hate. ​ Spill the Honey is unwavering in its mission to leverage the influential power of the arts and media as catalysts for empathy, compassion, and social transformation. Our efforts are grounded in honoring our collective past, using these shared histories as beacons for greater understanding and unity. These interconnected narratives serve as a potent foundation for promoting relationships and spotlighting coalition building and those spilling the honey in their own communities.

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Create Original Content

Creating Original Content

highlighting the stories and talents of people spilling the honey in their communities and exemplifying the spirit of the historic Black-Jewish coalition.


Develop Education Materials

Developing Standardized Educational Materials to be used in Educational Institutions looking to highlight this historic alliance to work against today’s forms of racism and anti-semitism.


Craft Partnerships

Craft Bespoke Corporate Partnerships, using our educational materials and access to our resources, in support of their DE&I initiatives


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